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Thursday, April 5, 2012

White Wedding Dress

Identical white wedding dress with white. Even the color is considered so sacred in a marriage. But with developments in the world of fashion has affected also the trends wedding dress color that varies.

Black and white wedding dress with a bit of black lace. "The colors presented could imply love. Some colors are displayed among other fresh black mixed with white, there is a silver color combination with white." It sounds really cool silver color, but when combined with a bright white color is only a romantic impression.

Simple white dress in the fashion show featuring Heru colorful wedding dress. 'The Colour of Romance' theme is taken from a wedding dress on a series of increasingly asserted that the color shown in the 12's wedding dress Bridal Heru-Saalon Willy.

White strapless wedding gown featuring a color that is now being selected modern bride. White and champagne colors, the color is called a prima donna for the modern bride. "This year for clothing, white and champagne wedding dress has been chosen, especially the theme of the bride are also more likely to display a color As for fashion models, Heru cut ball gown dress appearance at the bottom and. The tank to the top.

White wedding dress with purple as a race featuring the colorful dress. This is also done Anna Avantie who managed to break the handle to deliver modifications kebaya dress, the bridal fashion show at the Mercure Grand Mirama Calivornia.

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