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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Vintage Wedding Dress

Vintage wedding dress is going to change in a more modern makes in creating beautiful art is outstanding work. Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci and Michael Angelo, simple wedding gown designer Tina Andrean has a classic and unique wedding dress.

Strapless vintage wedding dresses the theme "The Art Of Renaissance", Tina Andrean again in collaboration with Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta to hold a unique exhibition of wedding dresses. Tina Andrean himself doing everything from designing the wedding dress to the selection of materials and the selection of lace.

Vintage lace wedding dress for documentation, wedding organizer that there will be unity in a wedding dress, Kempinski Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Grand Ballroom, ranging from 11-13 March 2011. In designing the wedding dress.

Vintage style wedding dresses designed by Tina Andrean further highlight the beauty of her wedding dress and the forward side of the inner beauty of the bride's.

Vintage wedding dresses 2012 still highlight the beauty of the dress, a designer who has been in the wedding world is approximately 25 years of presenting it in 35 pieces of clothing. To-35 and the dress will be tailored to the theme carried by the atmosphere of the wedding.

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