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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Indian Wedding Dress

Indian wedding dress is the epitome of beauty. Has been elegantly hand painted with pasta in a lavish ceremony. Seductive eyes outlined with kohl. Every part of his body adorned with glittering jewels and gold. Her hair was entwined with fragrant flowers. But the most impressive part is the marriage. Indian wedding dress is the most beautiful in the world.

Indian wedding dress for men is influenced by Hindu culture, red - not white - is the symbolic color of marriage. Although it depends on what region of India the bride and groom and their families live in, there are many variations in other aspects of Indian bridal dress.

Modern Indian wedding dress world famous Paithani sari, silk saris decorated with Zari (tinsel thread) and brocade, often limited in gold leaf. Paithani sari is probably the most famous designs in the ranks of India wearing a wedding dress. They named their motif design: Tota-Maina is Paithani sari with parrot design, Bangdi-mor sport Paithani bangle peacock and themes; Paithani asavali is sari decorated with flowers and vines, while coconut Paithani narli display pattern. Even a simple sari Paithani take months to make; brocade sari is more complicated as the majority of Indian wedding dresses can take up to six months to complete.

Red Indian wedding dresses showed a lot of variation from region to region. One thing is certain: if you buy them to prepare for your wedding yourself or as part of the eternal to add an exotic twist to your wardrobe choices, Indian wedding dress is the ultimate fashion statement. When you wear Indian wedding clothes, your world as you say you are pretty brave.

White Indian wedding dress This is India's most often you see on the screen when you watch a Bollywood film about marriage. Henna painting on hand made in contrasting shades of white and rich in chocolate, and a girl wearing an elaborate array of red and white ivory bangles called "chura" which indicates to the world of special status as a bride.

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