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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Unique Wedding Dresses

It is a unique wedding dress models G-string is the latest innovation for the bride who wants to look different from most. The dress is sensational brand showcased by Gauche Caviar in the event the Berlin Fashion Week, as released Dailymail. This wedding dress becomes an option for those who want to hold a sacred marriage on the beach or a wedding reception held Secaraprivate.

In appearance, unique black wedding dresses is more innovative. Not just hanging with the full-length cloth elegance, but also full of beauty through the form of mini like at the beach.

Unique colorful wedding dresses is a chic dress like a princess, but it does not apply in the hands of the German fashion brand, Caviar Gauche. Alexandra Fischer and Johanna Kuhl Rohler of Gauche Caviar made ​​wedding dress with G-string designs.

Unique lace wedding dress the first time in a fashion show Berlin Fashion Week. They also claimed that design still follows the traditional values ​​of the sacred. The concept of "virgin" outlined in white and black ribbons they use as a dress.

View of design, unique mermaid wedding dress seems to only be used for wedding ceremonies on the beach or a party closed at night. The fashion house that fronted Rohler Alexandra Fischer and Johanna Kuhl has been designing wedding gowns since 2003. But so far their work is relatively conventional.

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