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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Elegant wedding dresses

    Wang Bridal Susanti elegant wedding dresses provides a variety of dresses for rent or purchase. Elegant wedding dresses can be made after the size, about 1 month's time. These wedding dresses are imported from China, according to the quality of the standard price. 95% similarity. We are in California, if you want to see our collection, can make an appointment first.

    Rents ranging from 1 million (for a dress without a tail), 2 million (for a dress with a tail). The rental price includes petticoat, slayer, gloves, accessories. Elegant wedding gown prices start ari 1.5 million for a dress without a tail, 2.5 million for a dress with a tail. The sale price includes petticoat, slayer, gloves, accessories.

Booking conditions elegant wedding gown: 
A. Data required: chest circumference, hip circumference, hip circumference, height dress (calculated from the shoulders to the floor, according to which shoes will be in use)
2. To order a new dress to size, 50% DP. When the goods have reached Indonesia, before being sent to the destination, must be repaid
3. To order a dress ready stock, price does not include postage using TIKI
4. To borrow a dress elegant wedding dress, the borrower must keep a deposit of 100% of the rental and refunded when the goods have been accepted back in one piece. Any damage incurred by the tenant.
5. Trust is the main capital in this business, I started this business since December 2010 and to date has sold in a variety of wedding gowns dresses.
No need to buy if you do not hesitate to buy Happy shopping!

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